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We are guided by the motto: "The only way of development is to constantly raise the standards; the only measure of success is the effort that we put to achieve it"

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Since the very establishment of our company, we have been working with the automotive industry giants. Every day, we deal with deliveries in the Just In Time system, and we know how great responsibility rests on us. Our experience allows us to cooperate with various industries, requiring us to ensure the highest timeliness standards. The efficiency of our work organization, modern fleet and the commitment of our team allow us to meet the requirements of our Customers and thus establish quality indicators at a very good level.


In today's logistics, the effectiveness of processes is determined by modern IT solutions. From the very beginning of our company's existence, we have been implementing the latest and best solutions. We use the most modern TMS and WMS systems and telematic solutions. We have our own fleet consisting in 100% of environmentally-friendly vehicles, meeting the euro6 emission standards. Our vehicles run on LNG, which is much less harmful than crude oil or LPG. It is the cleanest fuel without any toxic or corrosive properties, LNG-powered vehicles do not emit solid particles (soot). LNG is an ECO technology that combines ecology and economy.

We look for solutions

With our partners, we build long-term business relationships that allow us to respond to the emerging needs. Our experience enables us to provide consultancy in the field of logistics projects, and the current European flow map allows us to achieve cost and quality effectiveness. The commitment and passion of the entire team translate into trust and long-term cooperation. Together we seek solutions and develop constantly, which determines our company's assessment by our Partners.

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